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Improved adblocking expected to a browser near you in Fall/Winter 2015

July 1, 2015 Comments off

Web publishers primarily those with a large mobile web audience may see a big delta in pages served and ads served starting from Fall 2015 when iOS 9 and El Capitan launches. This will be coupled with improvements under the hood in Firefox 41 which should make Ad Block Plus much more efficient

Here’s a few links on the new content blocker extensions coming in iOS9 and Mac OSX El Capitan

  1. Introduction to WebKit content blocking
  2. How to write a content blocker extension in 10 minutes
  3. An hour with Safari Content Blocker in iOS 9

Also note that UC Browser which has a sizable userbase in fast growing smartphone markets such as India and China also comes with built in ad-blocking.

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Some gotchas when using AirDisk with Airport Extreme

March 24, 2008 Comments off

Got this via Ali Ebrahim who recently purchased a Time Capsule but the information should be valid also when using an external USB disk connected to an Airport Extreme Base Station

Basically it is that for the AirDisk you have some options:

  1. Entire disk password
  2. User account based passwords

You’d generally want to do (2) and the gotcha is that you can’t switch between the two without wiping all data on the disk clean.

Another gotcha is that you can’t migrate your existing TM backup to an AirPort enabled AirDisk. Meaning that whatever history is stored in your existing TM backup would be lost.

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Workaround for Quartz Filter not available in Print menu in Leopard

February 24, 2008 Comments off

I recently reinstalled my 20″ iMac (last 2006 model) from Tiger to Leopard. Today, whilst trying to print something on my HP PSC 1210 inkjet printer I found that it was not possible to print in black-and-white as I used to do in Tiger because the Quartz filter option was not available in Leopard

Here’s the workaround

  1. Go to print the document. Use the item “Open PDF in Preview” item under the PDF Services drop down menu at the bottom left of the print
  2. After the document appears in Preview, choose Save As… from the File menu.
  3. Either change the name or use the Replace option when prompted. Select the output format as PDF and use the Quartz Filter to select “Black and White”. Click the save button

Not happy with Apple for making it so complicated to print in black and white. Going to send some feedback to them

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NetNewsWire 3.1 is now free

January 9, 2008 Comments off

I’m a big fan of NetNewsWire and love its synchronization ability with NewsGator Online. Imagine my suprise when I open up NNW today and come across NewsGator’s CTO Greg Reinacker’s post that all of NewsGator desktop clients are now free and will include synchronization

Thanks to the team at NewsGator for making this decision.

Off to check out FeedDemon on a Windows box

Some interesting Leopard links

October 18, 2007 Comments off
  • Apple has made major changes to iCal in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, introducing integration with its own new WebDAV-based iCal Server included in Leopard Server. Here’s a comprehensive history of software-based calendar applications and a look at what’s new in iCal 3.0.
  • Apple OS X Leopard: A beautiful upgrade
    Finally, a PC Unix that everyone can love. OS X Leopard is a triumph of customer-focused engineering
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Backing up my data to Amazon S3

September 4, 2007 Comments off

My current backup strategy is a hodge bodge mechanism of burning files to DVD, rsyncing files to shell accounts which I have at and cross copying files across various machines.

Recently, I decided to simplify all of this by storing data on Amazon S3 and use JungleDisk as the tool to do so.

I didn’t spend a lot of time working out if it would be financially better to run my own backup server versus relying on Amazon S3 inspite of them not offering any SLA so far. I figured that if Amazon ever decides to shutdown S3, there are quite a few people who might be inconvenienced.

Posting this via MarsEdit 2.0. Daniel Jalkut had a great upgrade price and I just jumped on it. A few hours after I purchased, I got a note from him mentioning there might be a problem with the serial number generated for me and asking if there were any issues. There were none.

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Experiencing AppleCare

August 30, 2007 1 comment

Recently I started having some issues with my 20″ Core 2 Duo iMac. First, my mighty mouse would only scroll up but not scroll down. I cleaned it as best as I could looking up various pages on the Internet which went into considerable details on what one could do to extract dirt without opening up the mouse (it seems impossible to me)

Having failed to coax the mouse to scroll in both directions, I just replaced with a cheap Genius mouse. Borks the white look but hey I can work.

A few days earlier, I couldn’t use my audio line-in port. I’m a heavy user of Skype and nobody could hear me. I switched multiple headsets but nothing would work. The internal microphone worked but it picked up a lot of ambient noise.

So I called into AppleCare, I called a local Hong Kong number and from the accent of the person answering it would seem that it was answered in Singapore. I was quickly registered into Applecare and described both the above problems. I then asked for on-site service and was told that Apple Hong Kong would call me and it would probably be scheduled in a couple of days.

A few hours later, Apple HK called and said they could come an hour later to my house. I was at work at that time and told them to come in the morning the next day. Score one for an uber fast response.

Next day, a technician turns up and pokes around. He determines that he has to replace both the logic board and the mouse. Both of which strangely have to ship out from Singapore even though they are made in China. The technician said he would come again next week.

Overall, very pleased with the experience.

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Websites with a Flash-only landing page and its impact on an iPhone

July 1, 2007 Comments off

Hong Kong has a number of websites which I would term as “Flash centric”. Whether Flash is truly needed on those sites is something of a personal taste. On the desktop world, its undeniable how ubiquitous Flash is

However, with the recent launch of the iPhone which doesn’t support either Flash or Java. I would personally rethink this option. I know that the iPhone won’t be launched in Asia till 2008 (I’m assuming mid-to-late 2008) but as the recent launch has shown there will be a huge interest in it particularly when Apple gets more applications on to the iPhone via software updates and people learn more about its quirks.

Whilst looking at two websites of fast-food chains today, KFC and Pizza Hut I realised that they were entirely in Flash so if an iPhone user wanted to visit these sites via an available Wi-Fi hotspot they are out of luck. Readers are reminded that the Hong Kong plans to provide free Wi-Fi access in all government facilities including libraries, public enquiry service centres, community halls/centres, parks and Government buildings plus they are lot of free/paid Wi-Fi operators already setup.

Website creators and design houses need to rethink the Flash-only landing page model. The iPhone represents one device which prevents its users from interacting with the property leading to a potential loss of a sale.

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Low Cost MacOSX image editing/illustration tools

I came across PixelMator via TUAW today. For the price of US$ 59. It seems to be a very slick tool for someone who is looking for some sophisticated image editing tools without paying for the cost of Photoshop. As TUAW says

The demo showcases some impressive Pixelmator features, including working with multiple layers and objects, opening Photoshop files and moving layers from one image to another, taking a picture with an iSight camera and embedding it into the current working image, and even some slick blending modes.

LineformAnother low cost application is Lineform which at US$ 79 is a steal for its features and its UI design. It’s the winner of the 2006 Apple Design awards

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Interesting software for Mac OSX

May 24, 2007 Comments off

Still life with roses and satinI have been using MacOSX for some time and of the things I have found unique to this operating system is that their is some awesome software available at low cost available for it. A piece of software in particular I would like to mention is ArtRage which is not exclusively MacOSX, it’s also available for Windows but as the image on the right shows, with the right creative talent one can create stunning masterpieces. The artwork is by Karachi based painter Waheed Nasir who was the featured artist in December 2006 on Wacom’s Community site. Artrage is available for US$ 19.95 and it has a free edition too. Feature comparision between the free and paid version is available here

I also like the OmniGroups OmniGraffle application









For instant messaging, my choice is AdiumXDownload

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