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Websites with a Flash-only landing page and its impact on an iPhone

July 1, 2007

Hong Kong has a number of websites which I would term as “Flash centric”. Whether Flash is truly needed on those sites is something of a personal taste. On the desktop world, its undeniable how ubiquitous Flash is

However, with the recent launch of the iPhone which doesn’t support either Flash or Java. I would personally rethink this option. I know that the iPhone won’t be launched in Asia till 2008 (I’m assuming mid-to-late 2008) but as the recent launch has shown there will be a huge interest in it particularly when Apple gets more applications on to the iPhone via software updates and people learn more about its quirks.

Whilst looking at two websites of fast-food chains today, KFC and Pizza Hut I realised that they were entirely in Flash so if an iPhone user wanted to visit these sites via an available Wi-Fi hotspot they are out of luck. Readers are reminded that the Hong Kong plans to provide free Wi-Fi access in all government facilities including libraries, public enquiry service centres, community halls/centres, parks and Government buildings plus they are lot of free/paid Wi-Fi operators already setup.

Website creators and design houses need to rethink the Flash-only landing page model. The iPhone represents one device which prevents its users from interacting with the property leading to a potential loss of a sale.

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