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There is no such thing as too much meme-ification

Recently, we’ve been testing some new WiFi access points at work and one of the vendors we’ve wanted to test out their equipment is Ubiquiti Networks.

Ubiquiti AP-Pros

Hope the following images can give you an idea of what its been like. Well, actually I’ve always wanted to incorporate a Der Untergang parody but till now never found the appropriate occasion.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Boromir's take on buying Ubiquiti

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The IT Crowd is side splittingly funny

December 11, 2008 Comments off

I’m having a great time watching Season 3 of the IT Crowd. I loved Season 1 and Season 2 and converted a lot of my colleagues to be watchers of the show.

Season 3 hasn’t disappointed so far and I had a great time watching Episode 3 with a brilliant moment when Moss recovers from his concussion and there is a Windows startup sound to signify his brain being “rebooted”

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Joi Ito, Are you responsible for the HK World of Warcraft theme ?

October 31, 2007 Comments off

Uber blogger and serial entrepreneur Joi Ito recently announced that he has joined the board of Sanrio Digital. Joi had visited our offices a few months ago and at my request talked about his World of Warcraft guild where he spent a lot of time along with many other CEO’s

The question for Joi is, Are you responsible for this Hello Kitty World of Warcraft theme 🙂

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This Captcha Seriously Rocks

I came across this link to this captcha today. captcha This seriously rocks though I see user sign up dramatically being lower unless this was a forum for serious Mathematica lovers

Don’t expect to see this on MySpace or Facebook anytime soon. 

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Information Entropy

Uber smart legal eagle-to-be and a man of not so few words Mohammed recently switched over to host his blog at instead of Blogger.

I didn’t come across Mohammed’s blog till only recently and his blogging style is unique to say the least. English is not my native language and Mohammed’s mastery of that language (not that he is a slouch in Arabic recitation) challenges my neurons in ways that I didn’t know possible :), yet I find something lacking which is hard to pin.

Maybe it’s his lack of links in a blog which doesn’t allow the reader to jump of to a tangent and contextualize some of the discussion. The length of each blog entry doesn’t necessarily correlate to the information one obtains at the end of its reading. Maybe this is what is really meant by ‘Information Entropy’ :). Being more parsimonious with words would enable a much higher bandwidth communication.

Mohammed, may I recommend use of Twitter so that your avid readers can get access to your pearls of wisdom at a faster pace and I guess in a more ‘sound-bite’ friendly fashion. Maybe a switch to a desktop blog editor such as Flock or even Windows Live Writer would infuse a change from the monologues with some judicious placements of random images from the blogosphere.

And please enable trackbacks

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Samuel L Jackson would be proud of this

July 26, 2006 Comments off

Samuel L Jackson who is the lead in this years most talked about cult movie “Snakes on a Plane” would be proud of this woman.

Here’s Samuel L Jackson presenting the best movie award at MTV Movie Awards 2006

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Dance lessons for 120 million?

June 21, 2006 Comments off

This news about Mimi Monica Wong, the head of Private Banking for HSBC who apparently must have used some complex financial modelling tool to determine a fair value of HK$120 million for eight years of unlimited Latin dance training is causing some buzz in Hong Kong.

She is now suing her dance instructor to return the “prepaid” HK$ 62 million in advance fees because he insulted her and called her a “lazy cow”

I’m so watching Antonio Banderas “Take the Lead”, I think the ballroom dancing teacher market has a lot of room for other entrants at slightly more competitive prices 🙂

1 US$ = HK$ 7.8

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