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Experiencing AppleCare

August 30, 2007

Recently I started having some issues with my 20″ Core 2 Duo iMac. First, my mighty mouse would only scroll up but not scroll down. I cleaned it as best as I could looking up various pages on the Internet which went into considerable details on what one could do to extract dirt without opening up the mouse (it seems impossible to me)

Having failed to coax the mouse to scroll in both directions, I just replaced with a cheap Genius mouse. Borks the white look but hey I can work.

A few days earlier, I couldn’t use my audio line-in port. I’m a heavy user of Skype and nobody could hear me. I switched multiple headsets but nothing would work. The internal microphone worked but it picked up a lot of ambient noise.

So I called into AppleCare, I called a local Hong Kong number and from the accent of the person answering it would seem that it was answered in Singapore. I was quickly registered into Applecare and described both the above problems. I then asked for on-site service and was told that Apple Hong Kong would call me and it would probably be scheduled in a couple of days.

A few hours later, Apple HK called and said they could come an hour later to my house. I was at work at that time and told them to come in the morning the next day. Score one for an uber fast response.

Next day, a technician turns up and pokes around. He determines that he has to replace both the logic board and the mouse. Both of which strangely have to ship out from Singapore even though they are made in China. The technician said he would come again next week.

Overall, very pleased with the experience.

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  1. October 5, 2007 at 6:06 am

    I have a Mighty Mouse too. It has exactly the same problem you mention. I find that scrolling it horizontally for long enough produces some kind of crunching noise which temporarily solves the problem.

    All in all not very impressed with the mouse and it seems that it’s a design defect rather than a defect with only my piece.

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