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Joi Ito, Are you responsible for the HK World of Warcraft theme ?

October 31, 2007 Comments off

Uber blogger and serial entrepreneur Joi Ito recently announced that he has joined the board of Sanrio Digital. Joi had visited our offices a few months ago and at my request talked about his World of Warcraft guild where he spent a lot of time along with many other CEO’s

The question for Joi is, Are you responsible for this Hello Kitty World of Warcraft theme 🙂

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Jeremiah Owyang interviews me

October 26, 2007 Comments off

Jeremiah Owyang of Forrestor Research very kindly posted an interview with me on his blog a few days ago.

Jeremiah was very kind to mention on his twitter feed that he enjoyed meeting me and considers me as a ‘web strategist’.
Jeremiah, Thank you for the encouragement. I hope I can live up to it. I’d like to thank my colleagues at Outblaze for their support and the interesting discussions we have

I made a comment in that video that I considered ‘Facebook as a fad’ and there were some rejoinders to it with commentators disagreeing with me.

I’d like to respond by making a few points

What I was trying to mention to Jeremiah that based on my observations, I felt that Facebook was a fad at present “within the Hong Kong Internet userbase”. Maybe it can sustain itself but its still early days.

Hong Kong like any other place people has its fads including collective obsessive behavior!. Ask anybody if the recollect the ‘Snoppy mania of 1998’.

As the above article states

Fads are nothing new in Hong Kong, where the crowded living conditions and a gregarious population make it a hothouse for all sorts of trends.

About the 150% mobile phone penetration rate, I apologize. The latest published numbers (July 2007) from OFTA who is Hong Kong’s regulator says its 139.8%. Maybe its 145+% today but 150% gets your attention better than 145% 🙂

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Spending time with Jeremiah Owyang

September 19, 2007 5 comments

The last few days have been a blur organising the HK Web Community bloggers event at Prive.

From various accounts, it was a very good turnout. Jeremiah Owyang who is going to start a new career with Forrester Research as social computing senior analyst, was very gracious with his time and tried to absorb a lot of what is happening in the Hong Kong web community by meeting as many people as he could

A small sampling of the photographs taken during the event

Jeremiah Owyang J Aaron Farr
numerous HK Bloggers Rebecca McKinnon

Afterwards we headed for dinner which involved having some authentic Szechuan cuisine. Rebbecca MacKinnon, a Professor at HKU , citizen journalist, former CNN reporter ate with great gusto whilst a few of us struggled with the lip and tounge numbing food.


Let's play 'Find the chicken amongst the peppers' That's where the Iraqi oil is going
Rebecca saying 'Don't try this at home' looks can be deceiving

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Backing up my data to Amazon S3

September 4, 2007 Comments off

My current backup strategy is a hodge bodge mechanism of burning files to DVD, rsyncing files to shell accounts which I have at and cross copying files across various machines.

Recently, I decided to simplify all of this by storing data on Amazon S3 and use JungleDisk as the tool to do so.

I didn’t spend a lot of time working out if it would be financially better to run my own backup server versus relying on Amazon S3 inspite of them not offering any SLA so far. I figured that if Amazon ever decides to shutdown S3, there are quite a few people who might be inconvenienced.

Posting this via MarsEdit 2.0. Daniel Jalkut had a great upgrade price and I just jumped on it. A few hours after I purchased, I got a note from him mentioning there might be a problem with the serial number generated for me and asking if there were any issues. There were none.

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Websites with a Flash-only landing page and its impact on an iPhone

July 1, 2007 Comments off

Hong Kong has a number of websites which I would term as “Flash centric”. Whether Flash is truly needed on those sites is something of a personal taste. On the desktop world, its undeniable how ubiquitous Flash is

However, with the recent launch of the iPhone which doesn’t support either Flash or Java. I would personally rethink this option. I know that the iPhone won’t be launched in Asia till 2008 (I’m assuming mid-to-late 2008) but as the recent launch has shown there will be a huge interest in it particularly when Apple gets more applications on to the iPhone via software updates and people learn more about its quirks.

Whilst looking at two websites of fast-food chains today, KFC and Pizza Hut I realised that they were entirely in Flash so if an iPhone user wanted to visit these sites via an available Wi-Fi hotspot they are out of luck. Readers are reminded that the Hong Kong plans to provide free Wi-Fi access in all government facilities including libraries, public enquiry service centres, community halls/centres, parks and Government buildings plus they are lot of free/paid Wi-Fi operators already setup.

Website creators and design houses need to rethink the Flash-only landing page model. The iPhone represents one device which prevents its users from interacting with the property leading to a potential loss of a sale.

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test with upload

June 5, 2007 Comments off

uploading a picturetaher manzil

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Information Entropy

Uber smart legal eagle-to-be and a man of not so few words Mohammed recently switched over to host his blog at instead of Blogger.

I didn’t come across Mohammed’s blog till only recently and his blogging style is unique to say the least. English is not my native language and Mohammed’s mastery of that language (not that he is a slouch in Arabic recitation) challenges my neurons in ways that I didn’t know possible :), yet I find something lacking which is hard to pin.

Maybe it’s his lack of links in a blog which doesn’t allow the reader to jump of to a tangent and contextualize some of the discussion. The length of each blog entry doesn’t necessarily correlate to the information one obtains at the end of its reading. Maybe this is what is really meant by ‘Information Entropy’ :). Being more parsimonious with words would enable a much higher bandwidth communication.

Mohammed, may I recommend use of Twitter so that your avid readers can get access to your pearls of wisdom at a faster pace and I guess in a more ‘sound-bite’ friendly fashion. Maybe a switch to a desktop blog editor such as Flock or even Windows Live Writer would infuse a change from the monologues with some judicious placements of random images from the blogosphere.

And please enable trackbacks

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