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interesting viral marketing campaign for SubEthaEdit by MacZot

April 25, 2006

I came across this very interesting viral marketing campaign run by MacZot (think of it as the Woot for Mac users) for SubEthaEdit from Coding Monkeys (the collaborative text editor)

MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software

This is how they are doing it

BlogZOT 2.0 on MacZot

BlogZOT! uses the power of blogs to create value for all Mac users. In today’s example: Each qualified blog entry reduces the price of SubEthaEdit from $30.00 to $0.00 by $0.05 per entry. For each entry, that’s $166+ given back to the Mac community.

BlogZOT instructions. Please READ them as we won’t have time to answer emails about BlogZOT until after it’s over.

1. You can purchase SubEthaEdit on MacZOT.com at anytime today using the Buy button above at the current price.
2. If you’d rather pay less, you can help by getting bloggers to post a comment about SubEthaEdit being the BlogZOT 2.0 on MacZOT.com
3. BlogZOT 2.0 will run until the end of the day 11:59 pm in California or until 3,000 copies of SubEthaEdit have been awarded to BlogZOT participants.
4. Bloggers who participate and enter a working email will receive a SubEthaEdit registration if the goal of reducing the price to $0.00 is accomplished.

I’ve been using SubEthaEdit 2.2 on and off. This is the last version which was free for non-commercial use. It’s a nice text editor but I really haven’t had the chance to play with the collaborative side of things. I think this viral marketing campaign will go a long way in improving SubEthaEdit’s reach

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