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Some thoughts about ZFS

November 18, 2005

Been reading a lot of blogs about ZFS . It’s mind blowing. Take a look at the screencasts done by Dan Price .

Sun currently uses the tag line “ZFS: The last word in filesystems”. From what I read and saw, I immediately felt that sysadmins who start their career with zfs will never understand the pain felt by people who’ve gone through volume management, fsck, moving filesystems around. A lot of sysadmins have missed crucial moments with their loved ones because they were fighting fires. ZFS makes that a bad dream

I feel Sun Marketing should market ZFS as

“ZFS: Because your family deserves it”

Congratulations to team ZFS and particularly to Jeff Bonwick who had the vision and courage to “think different”

A shout out to our friends at Sun Beijing, there are a truckload of installations running Linux/BSD boxes using 3ware. Get a 3ware/Areca/Qstor driver in Solaris 10 at the earliest and Solaris/ZFS becomes the NAS OS of choice.

I cut my teeth with SunOS/Solaris. With the recent release of Studio 11, it’s going to be very compelling. I hope the Solaris hackers can put some love into the installer and provide some update tools like yum,apt-get.

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