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Information Entropy

March 3, 2007

Uber smart legal eagle-to-be and a man of not so few words Mohammed recently switched over to host his blog at WordPress.com instead of Blogger.

I didn’t come across Mohammed’s blog till only recently and his blogging style is unique to say the least. English is not my native language and Mohammed’s mastery of that language (not that he is a slouch in Arabic recitation) challenges my neurons in ways that I didn’t know possible :), yet I find something lacking which is hard to pin.

Maybe it’s his lack of links in a blog which doesn’t allow the reader to jump of to a tangent and contextualize some of the discussion. The length of each blog entry doesn’t necessarily correlate to the information one obtains at the end of its reading. Maybe this is what is really meant by ‘Information Entropy’ :). Being more parsimonious with words would enable a much higher bandwidth communication.

Mohammed, may I recommend use of Twitter so that your avid readers can get access to your pearls of wisdom at a faster pace and I guess in a more ‘sound-bite’ friendly fashion. Maybe a switch to a desktop blog editor such as Flock or even Windows Live Writer would infuse a change from the monologues with some judicious placements of random images from the blogosphere.

And please enable trackbacks

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