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Challenging a sacred cow

May 31, 2005

My previous post made me think about some sacred cows in the community project I am associated with. A friend identified 4 options

  1. Maintain status quo
  2. Build a new team to learn infrastructure
  3. Don’t be hung up on the existing toolchains, if need be completely change the toolchain if people are available with skill sets in the new toolchain
  4. Outsource the infrastructure
  • Option 1 is a non-starter since its obvious that status quo is not working
  • Option 2 is only possible if the new team hits the ground running and doesn’t need to take any resources from existing players.
    Training the new team is not an option since that itself takes a massive time commitment
    Anybody who says otherwise has never worked in the trenches
  • Option 3 is conceptually similar to Option 4. People who like to do backseat driving would feel uncomfortable with this since it represents a change but its obvious that they have no clue to the cost of option 1 and 2. For them, I can only say

    Change is the only constant

However, I would like to challenge a “sacred cow” which is

Should this community project exist at all today ?

The circumstances in which the project was initiated and the circumstances today are very different. Its possible that resources of the ‘community’ are better utilised by disbanding the current project and having the alumni of the project move to other projects which have more ground support and mindshare.

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