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OpenBSD + VIA C7 == Crypto on steroids ?

May 29, 2005

Thanks to the cool Dashboard in the WordPress 1.5 series, I found out about the security release. The fix was very quick though I would really like the WordPress team to change their release mechanism. The tarball should be named
wordpress-version.tar.gz and it should untar to wordpress-version. Currently they use latest.tar.gz and it untars to a ‘wordpress’ subdir

Also, via Richard Brown of VIA marketing I got to know about the VIA C7 (Esther core) launch. There has been a lot of print on its low power,low cost and how VIA plan to make a big buzz in laptops and price sensitive countries. In my humble opinion, I think VIA should highlight the work OpenBSD has done on supporting the crypto hardware onboard the C7. In June 2004, Theo De Raadt of OpenBSD fame mentioned that he was getting 800 RSA signs/sec on what I guess would be pre-production hardware.

VIA should look at the availability of the ‘NX’ bit and the fast crypto command to create buzz for both WindowsXP support for NX and reduced risk of viruses as well target the infrastructure operator and suggest that OpenBSD+C7 boxen can become SSL proxy boxes for different services.

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