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Planning the WordPress upgrade

January 12, 2007 Comments off

Saw that this blog was still on 2.0.4 and was going to upgrade to 2.0.6 for the security fixes and other bugfixes. However, a quick review of the wp-testers list indicated that 2.0.7 is imminent and so I’ll be holding of till that.

I still have to see if there are any issues with PHP 5.2

I am really looking forward to WordPress 2.1 slated to come towards the end of January. Might even experiment with some theme changes at that time.

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Updated to the latest NNW beta

March 17, 2006 Comments off

Brent Simmons has posted beta builds of the latest NetNewsWire beta. I wasn’t one of the really early worms but I snagged myself 2.1b7. So far, it’s very spiffy and snappy.

Love the NewsGator syncing. I’m really looking forward to the 2-yr subscription of NewsGator online I get for being a NNW customer. Posting to blogs via MarsEdit rocks also.

Did the security drill with WordPress 2.0.2

March 10, 2006 Comments off

Firing up my favorite RSS reader NetNewsWire, I saw the WordPress crew had put a security fix update for WordPress.

With the easy upgrade instructions. It was all over in a jiffy

Now back to your regular scheduled programming 🙂

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.1

February 20, 2006 Comments off

I wanted to do this via the one click option offerred by my webhost but in the end decided to do via the old fashioned way of following the instructions in the codex

Upgrade seems to have gone smoothly. Now to investigate the features provided by WordPress 2.0.1

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test blog via performancing

January 12, 2006 Comments off

I have been using either MarsEdit or WordPress web-based editor for publishing to this blog. Trying out Performancing now. Seems easy to use

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