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Explaining Velocix's value proposition for the technically inclined

July 22, 2008

I was introduced to uber-smart hacker and phenomenally successful serial entrepreneur Adam Twiss who originally wrote ApacheBench whilst he was at Zeus and subsequently donated to the Apache Foundation.

Adam is the co-founder and CTO of Velocix which was formerly known as CacheLogic.

Velocix is well known for its hybrid P2P based CDN network and I was trying to get a better understanding of how things worked behind the scenes in order to evaluate its suitability for various projects at work.

This is really oversimplifying their value proposition but for a technical person I would say that Velocix basically can provide a constant backfill to a BitTorrent swarm should a client want to use BitTorrent as a content delivery protocol.

Obviously Velocix can do a lot more than the above but it was hard for me to extract the above value proposition which was interesting to me from their website.

Hopefully this blog post can get some Google karma and help prospective Velocix customers

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