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Joi Ito, Are you responsible for the HK World of Warcraft theme ?

October 31, 2007 Comments off

Uber blogger and serial entrepreneur Joi Ito recently announced that he has joined the board of Sanrio Digital. Joi had visited our offices a few months ago and at my request talked about his World of Warcraft guild where he spent a lot of time along with many other CEO’s

The question for Joi is, Are you responsible for this Hello Kitty World of Warcraft theme 🙂

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Jeremiah Owyang interviews me

October 26, 2007 Comments off

Jeremiah Owyang of Forrestor Research very kindly posted an interview with me on his blog a few days ago.

Jeremiah was very kind to mention on his twitter feed that he enjoyed meeting me and considers me as a ‘web strategist’.
Jeremiah, Thank you for the encouragement. I hope I can live up to it. I’d like to thank my colleagues at Outblaze for their support and the interesting discussions we have

I made a comment in that video that I considered ‘Facebook as a fad’ and there were some rejoinders to it with commentators disagreeing with me.

I’d like to respond by making a few points

What I was trying to mention to Jeremiah that based on my observations, I felt that Facebook was a fad at present “within the Hong Kong Internet userbase”. Maybe it can sustain itself but its still early days.

Hong Kong like any other place people has its fads including collective obsessive behavior!. Ask anybody if the recollect the ‘Snoppy mania of 1998’.

As the above article states

Fads are nothing new in Hong Kong, where the crowded living conditions and a gregarious population make it a hothouse for all sorts of trends.

About the 150% mobile phone penetration rate, I apologize. The latest published numbers (July 2007) from OFTA who is Hong Kong’s regulator says its 139.8%. Maybe its 145+% today but 150% gets your attention better than 145% 🙂

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Some interesting Leopard links

October 18, 2007 Comments off
  • Apple has made major changes to iCal in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, introducing integration with its own new WebDAV-based iCal Server included in Leopard Server. Here’s a comprehensive history of software-based calendar applications and a look at what’s new in iCal 3.0.
  • Apple OS X Leopard: A beautiful upgrade
    Finally, a PC Unix that everyone can love. OS X Leopard is a triumph of customer-focused engineering
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