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Was it MacWorld or iWorld ?

January 11, 2007

As someone who regularly follows the RDF (Reality Distortion Field) emanating from his Steveness, I was looking forward to yesterday’s keynote with particular interest on what would be announced for Leopard (MacOSX 10.5) and iWork (whether a spreadsheet app would show up or not)

Though I was personally disappointed with the keynote (only the AppleTV and iPhone) was announced (I thought the one more thing would a Quad Core iMac 🙂

I can see why Steve Jobs decided to keep the entire focus on the iPhone. I don’t know how the impact of having the phone exclusive to Cingular would be and the phone is arriving in Asia only in 2008. The lack of 3G of the phone might also hurt its chances in Asia.

What I think is going to be very intersting is that the phone is stated to run MacOSX, now it’s not clear if this means that standard MacOSX programs will run on it. If it does then its a major thing.

But this does mean that developers will have to seriously ramp up Safari/Webkit testing since this browser/rending engine is getting some serious uptake.

MacOSX + Parallels/Vmware Fusion is the way to go for software development/QA. I had already purchased Parallel’s last December when they were offering the one-year upgrade protection plan. Haven’t decided whether to go for an iMac or a Mac Book Pro. I am inclined for the 20″ iMac with 2GB RAM.

However, this post is being edited with Windows Live Writer beta 🙂

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