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Playing with AMD64

May 17, 2005

Been busy with work related things hence the quietness on the blog front. I need to spend some time figuring out the best way to upgrade my WordPress installation.

I had access to a Sun v40z Quad Opteron box in the office for some time. Very nicely engineered box, noisy as hell (12 fans I think). Ran some of my workloads on CentOS 4.0 and Fedora Core 3. Wanted to install Solaris 10 but ran out of time. I also have a socket 754 AMD64 box (MSI K8MM-V). The mobo is very nice and compact and runs very quiet. It’s running FC3 for now. I plan to install FC4 on it soon and see if there is any perf improvement with the toolchain compiled with gcc4

The AMD64 box with 1GB RAM and 2x120GB SATA cost around HK$ 3500 (US$ 450).

After a long break, got back into playing with Cherokee . Alvaro’s been doing a great job on it. He’s got event ports support now, epoll works more reliably now and I am very grateful that he took my suggestion and enabled O_NOATIME support in it. I think Cherokee needs some online documentation and then some evangalism to get more users using it.

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