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Mobile phone growth

December 13, 2004

Masood Mortazavi blogs about the doubling of mobile phones since 2000.

Joi Ito also blogged about how China eats mobile phones for breakfast

Here’s some info from a Kyocera investor presentation

In order to revitalize the image of PHS in the market, we launced
handsets equipped with an Opera browser that enables access to the
Internet in the same way as a PC. These handsets also have the benefit
of a flat-rate for continuous Internet connection via AirH

Since its launch in May, stores have been selling out of this type of
handsets due to its popularity.

I am a bit confused about what people mean when they say “WAP is really big these days”. Is it the old/clunky WAP/WML that was available in 2000/2001 where most sites had a special version written in WML ? Or does WAP these days refer to a web-browser (typically Opera) on a cell-phone where the user is interacting via HTML over HTTP ?

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  1. Aziz
    December 14, 2004 at 7:55 pm

    actually the next big thing will be cell phones that receive TV signals from standard TV broadcast towers (not 3G data streams). Just watch…

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